Is Zelman Meats Halal or Haram?

Is Zelman Meats Halal or Haram?

Meat is not only a good protein source but is also very delicious. Almost everyone likes to have a delicious beef steak or grilled brisket on the dinner table. Zelman Meats is a UK-based restaurant that specializes in meat recipes. The restaurant is particularly famous for its delicious beef steaks.

Zelman Meats is the number one choice of meat-lovers and every British meat-lover visits the restaurant. Likewise other UK citizens, UK Muslims also love its delicious steaks and other meat recipes. Generally, Muslims around the globe are very fond of beef and mutton and UK Muslims are no exception.

Zelman Meats is a place in the UK that provides not only great meat recipes but also an opportunity for meat-lovers to socialize. However, UK Muslims may hesitate to visit Zelman Meats as many of them are unaware of whether Zelman Meats offer halal meat or not.

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In this blog, we will discuss whether Zelman Meats’ menu is halal or haram so that you can make an informed decision while visiting its UK restaurant.

Zelman Meats’ Menu

Zelman Meats offers a range of meat-based and other recipes. Some of its popular recipes include;

  • Starters like Beef Carpaccio, Tiger Prawn Tempura, etc
  • A range of Peri-Peri Chicken Recipes
  • Seabass
  • Fillet
  • The Zelman Plate
  • Short Ribs
  • BBQ
  • Ribeye
  • Sides like Triple Cooked Chips
  • Dessert
  • Cocktails
  • Soft Drinks
  • Beer and Wine

Though meat recipes of Zelman Meats may be halal or haram subject to meat source and slaughtering method used but its drinks like wine, beer, and cocktails are haram as alcohol consumption in Islam is not allowed.

Is Zelman Meats’ Halal or Haram?

A majority of Zelman Meats’ recipes are meat-based. For a halal meat recipe, the meat must be sourced from a halal animal and that halal animal must be slaughtered by a practicing Muslim according to the Islamic Zabihah method.

Fortunately, Zelman Meats has a halal restaurant in Knightsbridge, London. In the Knightsbridge restaurant, a variety of halal options are available on all the key steak cuts. Besides meat starters and mains, the restaurant has also a range of halal drinks.

However, you can further inquire about the supplier of halal meat from Zelman Meats as it will be safer to double-check the meat source. There are meat suppliers in the UK which are authorized by the Islamic Institute of Jurisprudence and they have halal certifications for supplying halal meat. If any such supplier has a meat contract with Zelman Meats for meat supply, then you can enjoy any cut of steak at the restaurant.

In addition, animals are stunned before slaughtering for minimizing the pain and distress in the UK. As Muslims follow different madhabs (Fiqahs), so it is advisable to consult your respective religious leaders about the legal status of slaughtering pre-stunned animals according to that particular school of thought.

You can locate the halal Zelman Meats restaurant by visiting’re%20looking%20for,that%20we%20pride%20ourselves%20on.

Islamic Principle of Halal and Haram

Quran has clearly distinguished halal from haram. Allah (SWT), in Surah Al Baqarah, has clarified the halal and haram food for Muslims.

“He has only forbidden to you dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine, and that which has been dedicated to other than Allah. But whoever is forced [by necessity], neither desiring [it] nor transgressing [its limit], there is no sin upon him. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.” (Quran 2:173)

(Source of above-cited Quranic Verse:,17,95,101,22,20)

This Quranic verse is the guiding principle for distinguishing halal food from haram in Islam. According to this verse of the Holy Quran, carrion i.e., dead meat, blood, and swine (pig) meat is haram. And also, if you slaughter any halal animal and dedicate it to others than Allah, it is haram.

In the case of Zelman Meats, you have to check the meat source and whether the Islamic Zabihah method is followed by the supplier or not. However, Zelman Meats claims that they serve both halal foods and drinks in Knightsbridge, London restaurant.

Final Thoughts

Holy Quran and Sunnah are the two primary sources of guidance for all of the Muslim populace. So, in light of the Quran and Sunnah, for a halal meat recipe in any restaurant, meat and all of its ingredients must be halal and the animal must be slaughtered according to the Islamic Zabihah method.

If you are in doubt about any recipe of Zelman Meats then lookup for its ingredients and any halal certifications. Also, you must seek the help of an established Islamic scholar in your community who can give you proper guidance regarding the subject matter.

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