Is Fruittella Halal or Haram?

Is Fruittella Halal or Haram?

Fruittella manufacturers have won the trust of millions of people due to its extraordinary taste and healthy ingredients. The company claims that they only use natural flavor and natural colors and nothing artificial.

This is because natural additives are good for health whereas synthetic or artificial additives can cause severe serious diseases.

But what about Muslim and vegetation consumers? The most important question Muslims rises that, is Fruittella halal? If it is haram what makes it haram and why it can’t be consumed by Muslims?

The prime ingredient of questions is Gelatine. Gelatine is widely used in many sweets, medicines and other foods. It gives thickening and stabilizing properties.

Is Fruittella Halal or Haram

Gelatine is categorized as halal (permissible) and haram (forbidden) based on the source.

If gelatine is derived from the haram animal that is slaughtered according to Islamic principles, it is regarded as halal. However, if gelatine is obtained from a haram animal or permissible animal but not slaughtered according to Islamic principles, it is considered as haram.

Fruittella contains the Gelatine from pig, which is haram. Therefore Fruittella is not halal and is forbidden to be consumed by Muslims according to Islamic principles.

The source of gelatine is given by the Fruittella manufacturers on their website.

According to their website

“Are Fruittella sweets suitable for vegetarians”?

“Our Gelatine Free Koalas and Sour Snakes ARE suitable for vegetarians and vegans, however, the rest of the range is NOT suitable for vegetarians as these sweets contain gelatine”.

“What type of gelatin does Fruittella contain”?

“Our sweets contain pork gelatin”.

“Does Fruittella have a halal and kosher range”?

“Fruittella candies sold in the UK/other local markets are not Halal or Kosher”.

You can find these questions on their website too.

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