Is Wagyu beef Halal or Haram?

Is Wagyu beef Halal or Haram?

Wagyu beef is popularly known for its rich flavourful profile. It is more expensive and delicious than normal beef. The Wagyu breed primarily belongs to Japan and is regarded as a national treasure.

But the most important questions Muslims raise are:

What is the halal and haram status of Wagyu beef? Is Wagyu beef permissible to consume? Why Wagyu beef haram? How to get halal Wagyu beef?

Wagyu is referred to as a Japanese cow. These are not general Japanese cows. Wagyu beef is obtained from Japanese cattle possessing a unique trait and belonging to a specific type of breed. It is also given the name of “luxurious beef” due to its exotic flavour and high rates. 

The high flavour meat is due to the presence of unique fat marbling and the abundance of intramuscular fats which provide exceptional tenderness and juiciness to the meat.

wagyu beef halal or haram

The Wagyu breed is very rare and demanding. Therefore great care is administered to the Wagyu cattle. They are provided with gourmet foods and drinks. Enjoy a calm and relaxing environment. Precautions are measured to prevent the Wagyu beef from suffering any kind of injury or stress which might otherwise deteriorate their beef flavour and health. 

Wagyu cattle are also offered beer, which makes them doubtful for Muslim consumption. However, Halal Wagyu beef is also available for Muslims. Most Japanese Wagyu beef is not halal whereas Australian Wagyu beef offers a great halal range.

There is a difference between Japanese Wagyu, Chilean and Australian Wagyu. The Japanese Wagyu is a pure breed, whereas other varieties are cross breeds but possess exceptional flavour profiles. 

The Halal Wagyu beef is obtained from the cow that is fed, taken care of, and slaughtered according to Islamic principles.  If you want to enjoy a luxurious meal with Wagyu beef, buy Wagyu beef from halal-certified companies or shops.

Take extra care when eating Wagyu beef at restaurants, you can ask about the halal status of Wagyu beef before consuming it. Many restaurants in the UK offer a halal range of Wagyu beef. 

Halal-certified Wagyu beef is permissible for Muslim consumption. Do make sure about the authenticity of the certification and enjoy your royal dinner with Wagyu beef. 

Allah knows the best.

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