Is Shake Shack Halal or Haram? 

Is Shake Shack Halal or Haram?

Shake Shack food has become the favorite and one-stop food solution for all the foodies. It is amazing to see how it started from scratch from the food cart, and now today, it has got a global sensation. They hamburgers footed in London back in 2015, and since then, they have expanded across the city.

Muslims were limited to eating only vegetarian mushroom burgers in Shake Shack for the longest since they hadn’t served halal burgers before. However, now, it has been announced that all Shake Shack branches are serving halal chicken across the UK.

shake shack halal or haram

Now the question here is if this news is true or not? Muslims are more likely to be more conscious when it comes to Halal foods, especially those living in Western countries.

In this article, we will discuss why some people think that Shake Shack serves halal foods while some do not. 

So let’s indulge in its major and favorite foods and learn if they are halal.

  • Chick N’ Shack

The Chick N’ Shack is made from crunchy chicken breast with pickles, lettuce and buttermilk herb mayo. The chicken burger never leaves its people disappointed with its incredible crispy, juicy taste. The golden crispy coating enveloped the succulent piece of chicken. Moreover, the potato rolls are fluffy and soft from the inside, which fits the chicken very well. The flavor of buttermilk herb mayo has an amazing taste as well. People like to eat chicken burgers with the seasoning of more layers of cheese textures.

  • Cheese Fries

It is the signature combo of a burger and cheese fries. It is made with crinkle-cut fried fries until you get to a gorgeous golden color. After that, it is topped with blended cheddar cheese and American cheese sauce. People were not fans of eating only fries, but the combo of burgers and fries completed their meal. People find this combination much better because it is perfectly crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

  • Milkshakes

The milkshakes of Shake Shack are probably the favorite food item among people. The most loved shake is a Black and White milkshake; it is a mixture of vanilla and chocolate milkshake and is thick and rich. 

It is certainly good news that the chicken option is also available at Shake Shack restaurant. But the story is not over yet!

Besides this, some other things are being served a menu of burgers such as chicken sandwiches, crinkle-cut fries, hot dogs, frozen custard, beer, and wine. The company focuses on food and beverages made especially from the American foods range. 

Its burgers include Hamburger, Avocado Bacon Burger and Chicken Shack. Moreover, its chicken servings include Chicken Bites and Chicken Shack. There are also wines such as Shack White, Shack Red and Shack Rose. It also serves Shack-made lemonade, Abita Root Beer and organic brewed iced.

Is Shake Shack Haram Or Halal? 

Before moving to the conclusion, read this concept of people that makes them think that Shake Shack restaurant is serving haram food. 

Shake Shack started their company from a small hot dog cart. Currently, its status is considered as a successful company with good causes. Not only do they serve good causes, but they also have good food. But here, what catches people’s attention is the rumors about the haram food being served at Shake Shack. Some people think that the food is Halal, while others believe it is haram. So, here we have looked into this matter to provide you clarity on the permissibility of Shake Shack food. 

Why Could Shake Shack Food Be Haram? 

Because the meat obtained from animals is not slaughtered according to the rights of Zabiha. They are serving haram food like pork in the form of alcohol, bacon, and beer wine. 

According to the statement by Shake Shack:

“The meat in the Middle East is 100% halal, while the meat in the UK and US is not halal.”

Therefore, Shake Shack food has been confirmed not to be halal according to some people, using the meat of non-zabiha and haram foods. So, the food served at this restaurant that contains these foods should be avoided. 

What is Halal in the Shake Shack?

The only things that can be eaten there by Muslims, are desserts and a veggie patty. 

Once Shake Shack also stated on their official Twitter that they have multiple companies for meat sources (one of which is halal) though it is not separated as halal or not. While eating, it might be impossible to determine if the meat is Zabiha or non-Zabiha.

The declaration is made on the circumstances of Zabiha, so there are varying opinions on the term halal food. 

Hopefully, after reading this article, in the light of views and facts, you can make a viable decision when it comes to eating at the Shake Shack Restaurant. 

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