Is Pectin Halal or Haram?

Is Pectin Halal or Haram?

Pectin is widely used in the manufacturing of jam, jellies, low-calorie foods, and frozen foods. It is also used in certain types of drugs to treat gastrointestinal disorders and manage blood cholesterol levels. 

 It has similar properties as gelatin but is obtained from a plant source whereas gelatin is driven from an animal source. 

Pectin is a complex carbohydrate, abundantly found in fruits and some types of vegetables. Plum, Apple, and Peach possess good percentages of pectin. Unripe fruit contains propectin which is transformed into pectin as fruit ripens.

 In the presence of optimum conditions and good content of sugar, fruits can be cooked into jam and jellies due to the thickening properties of pectin.

pectin halal or haram

However, an overripe fruit contains pectic acid instead of pectin which may fail the manufacturing of Jams or jellies due to the absence of thickening or stabilizing properties. 

Pectin is also available in powder and liquid form for the manufacturing of jelly and pharmaceuticals due to its thickening and antidiarrheal properties. Because the source is vegetarian and plant-based, pectin is halal and can be used by Muslims, unlike gelatin which is categorized into haram and halal. 

Pectin is a great replacement for gelatin to be used in desserts or any other food. You can use pectin without any risk of consuming haram ingredients. 

Allah knows the best.

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